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Welcome to the Jollydollyshop blog. For legal reasons and for your safety I must advise you not to make any of the dolly things in this blog in case of terrible crafting injury. I write about these things for my own amusement!


Where did the time go?!

It’s May already, and I am very aware that I badly need to update my website! It’s amazing how much everything changes in just a couple of years and as you can see I haven’t even had time to update this blog recently.

My Etsy shop is full of lovely clothes again after the last fantastic Frome Independent market as I’ve been busy sewing.  I have had some lovely reviews and am often adding new designs or bringing out popular items in a new fabric, so do take a look! There is now a “shop now” button to click on my Jollydollyshop Facebook page that takes you straight to my Etsy shop without having to leave FB and try to find it which will make things easier.

Jollydollyshop will be at The Frome Independent Market on the first Sunday of every month, so do come along if you fancy a good day out. It’s a huge market with plenty to do, see and eat, and activities for children to do as well. ( Check out the Frome Independent FB page.) We’ve had craft activities, a pop up beach and even donkey rides laid on in recent times, so it’s not the sort of market children will be bored at! My stall is on Catherine Hill with the other designer/makers, and most of the shops will also be open on those days.

Right, those Flamingo dresses won’t sew themselves, better get back to it. Toodle pip!




Christmas Eve is finally here. I have shut the Jollydollyshop Etsy shop until the 30th of December and it’s time to break out the Christmas chocolate.

I just wanted to send out a big ”thank you” to all the friends and customers of Jollydollyshop, I hope you enjoyed all the dolly nonsense. Do keep an eye on the FB page; there will be more next year, starting, of course, with a New Years Eve party!

Have a very merry Christmas,

Best wishes, Cathy xx







Where has the year gone! With Christmas around the corner, I thought I’d post my upcoming market dates on the blog. Here goes;

November 1st  10-3pm             Frome Independent market. I’ll be on Catherine Hill as usual! This is a massive and well run market, always worth a visit.

November 13th  7.30-11pm     SVSJ PTFA Pampering and Prezzies Night. This is my youngest daughter’s school and we have lots of fantastic local craftspeople and pampering businesses booked, so come and get chilled out before the Christmas madness starts!

November 14th  10-2pm          Chewton Mendip Christmas Craft Fair. This will be a fabulous event with craft, vintage and retro stalls.

December 6th  10-3pm            Frome Independent Christmas market- see Frome listing above but with bells on!

December 12th  10-3pm          The Vintage and Retro Fair, run by Vintage Somerset mastermind Sara Blair. This will be in Seager Hall, Union Street, Wells. Always a wonderful event for vintage lovers, or those who like anything a bit quirky.

All these events can be found on Facebook if you want to find out who else will be there.

That should keep me busy! See you there x


One of the Sindys has hitch hiked her way to Glastonbury. If you see her out and about, please let me know on the Jollydollyshop Facebook page! she’s easy to identify with her minty hair and nosering.

Festival time

Festival time



Wedding Fair, glasto 015








Much excitement here at Jollydollyshop as the dolls appear in the latest issue of “Somerset Life” modelling Jollydollyshop Party dresses and generally looking Summery. It’s a great article all about various Somerset artisans and designers, I feel very honoured to be featured amongst them.


11/04/2015 Sindy; you shall go to the ball!

My “Dream Dress” has been CE tested, passed and is ready to go.It comes in Cinderella Blue or Wedding White and I hope you’ll agree it looks like a dream! Now available (as are all my current designs) from - dress 2015 010Cinderella dress 2015 013


25/03/2015  It’s nearly Easter!

Spring is springing, and the dolls are putting their furry coats in the cupboard and getting out the pretty dresses. Come and see us at The Frome Independent Market on Easter Sunday if you’re in Somerset. or take a look at Jollydollyshop on  or Facebook for all the latest news and fashion.


Sindy Easter and school disco 002

Sindy Easter and school disco 005










11/01/2015  Happy New Year!

So here we all are, older but not necessarily wiser in a new year. I’m sure lots of you will identify with this picture! The stripey leotard and legwarmers were made from an old sock- I drew around Sindy on a piece of paper, drew a leotard shape over the top (slightly bigger to allow for seams) and pinned the pattern to an inside out sock. Cut it out, sewed up the sides and shoulder straps, turned it right side out, and voila! No excuse for Sindy, Barbie etc not to keep that New Year Resolution now…

Let's get physical

Let’s get physical



16/12/2014 Merry Christmas Everyone!

Jollydollyshop went to some lovely Christmas Fairs this year, it was great to see so many of you and have a dolly chat. I still have a few of the Christmas party dresses and cloaks available on Etsy and will post until the 23rd, although obviously I can’t guarantee delivery that close to Christmas day. I hope you all have a lovely time, I have some beautiful new hair colours stashed away so I will be rerooting whilst watching Christmas films- I’ll post the pictures of newly coiffed dolls when I’ve finished.

Happy Christmas! xxx

xmas photo shoot jds 018xmas photo shoot jds 015xmas photo shoot jds 022xmas photo shoot jds 011









23/10/2014  Halloween Fun.

Well I had to do this really. It’s really simple to make a Halloween party for dolls, and it put off doing some paperwork- no brainer!

To make a creepy castle backdrop, I simply gave a big piece of card a grey wash of children’s paint, and when it dried I potato printed darker grey bricks onto it. Draping a £1 pack of cobwebs and spiders from the supermarket over it gave it that not-lived-in look. The tree is a suitably scary looking twig we found on a walk with tiny bits of ribbon tied onto it for bats with painted eyes. Fimo or plasticine make great pumpkins and apples for bobbing.

The mummy costume is simply long strips of 1.5 cm white scrap fabric wound round the doll and tied on. More scrap fabric makes the ghost costume and we drew on the eyes and mouth with felt tip- don’t do this while the doll is wearing it though as your doll will end up with pen on her face! Old pillow cases or shirts are good for this.

Any scrap of black fabric can be wrapped around a doll as a witches dress; use black ribbon as a belt that also secures the dress. A cone of black card makes an easy hat- sprinkle with glitter or stars for a party witch.(There’s no reason why a witch can’t wear green or purple though.) Pound shops are great for plastic snakes etc. Now you just need music!



07/10/2014 Long time no see!

Hi there. Sorry it’s been so long; I’ve been up to my ears getting the new range CE marked ready for Autumn, and the Summer holidays were pretty full on too. I have been putting all the new stock on Etsy, selling at The Frome Independent Market on the first Sunday of every month, and trying to keep up with my Jollydollyshop Facebook page too. Also I have had orders for customised Sindy dolls to complete. I have to say, I really enjoy doing these! Here are some examples…

Vintage Florist Sindy!

Vintage Florist Sindy!

Steampunk Sindy

Steampunk Sindy

15/05/2014 Young Farmers.

Here is Young Farmer Sindy clone in a stylish yet practical boiler suit/ overall just right for the mucking out, driving a  tractor or going to market!

Toodle pip! Cathy.                gypsy sindy 008


08/05/2014 Happy Campers.

I’ve just finished working on my new Gypsy dress design and decided to take my models into the garden for a photo shoot! Sadly brunette Sindy couldn’t tear herself away from work, but she can multitask. Hippy Sindy 002Hippy Sindy 003 Hippy Sindy 008 

28/03/2014 A Spring Wedding!

So Spring is finally springing, and my thoughts have turned to Weddings, garden parties and other outdoor fun. love-local sets 031                         love-local sets 007                                                                    love-local sets 009love-local sets 030



08/02/2014 OOAK Sindy.

I took these pictures for my new Pinterest board but have inevitably failed to work out how to post them- that’s a job for next week I think. Anyway I thought I’d put them on here!


pins 007pins 008



Cheerio, Cathy x




29/01/14  Rainy Day Make- table and bench.

There were too many dolls to fit around the table, something had to be done. Luckily our cat had just finished the last pouch of catfood in the box, and that box looked the perfect size and thickness for a 6 seater dining table!

This could not have been simpler! First I cut my box down to 10 cm high. (The table top of the catfood box table is 19 x10 cm). Next I cut rectangles out of the sides so that Sindy and chums could stretch their legs out under the table.             table 002

Next I cut a piece of fabric 1 cm wider all the way around than the table top. I glued this on with child friendly fabric glue and left it to dry.

For the skirt of the tablecloth I measured the circumference of the tabletop and added half as much again; so for my table I needed a length of fabric 58cm+29cm=89cm. It needed to be 13 cm wide for a 10cm table as I needed to hem the bottom. I could have used pinking shears to save myself the time spent hemming the bottom i suppose! I ironed the hem to save time in the long run. To get the ruffled top I simply turned over a 2 cm hem, ironed it, pinned it, sewed running stitch all the way along it about 12mm from the top and ran some elastic through the top . I tied it tight around the top of the table, cut off the ends and spread the ruffles out evenly. To do this without elastic I could have put a simple rectangular tablecloth over it.

table 003

The bench was easier, it was just a small box. cut to the right height for Barbie to reach the table,with fabric scraps glued on to cover it. I didn’t need ruffles as the legs didn’t need to go under it. I know it looks like a lot of explanation, but it took little time, and looks lovely!

Have fun! Cathy x




I finished the pattern for the 60s retro style dresses, the girls look groovy , I think you’ll agree. My neighbour claims to have had a dress just like this! not on the high st 056






A Belated Happy New Year to you all!         ooak sindy 003ooak sindy 002

I gave myself some time off over Christmas and Ooaked a couple of sad balding Sindys in front of the tv. The blue haired one is now my daughter’s favourite, I used Retro Dolls’ nylon; I can’t recommend them enough b.t.w, service was fantastic even over Christmas.

The strangely familiar figure with dark hair is modelling a sweet little retro dress but I then realised it could double up as maternity wear!

Toodle Pip, Cathy x.



18/11/2013 How I made a doll’s bed. dolly bed cloaks 006 dolly bed cloaks 003 dolly bed cloaks 004

Our dolls tend to use sleeping bags as a result of over population in Annie’s room, but sometimes an especially diva-esque doll needs a proper bed. They are very easy to make with minimal outlay or sewing, so I thought you might be interested! I used a shoebox, scrap material, fabric and craft glue,fleece material, lace, stuffing and masking tape.

I cut my box down to the required height. I was making a Barbie bed so I made it 5 cm tall. Next I used masking tape to secure the ends and stop the flaps  giving way. I cut a piece of scrap material big enough (and thick enough) to cover the box (top and sides). Next I covered my box with a thin layer of fabric glue and stick the fabric on, tucking in the corners and sticking them down with more glue. I left it to dry.

For the headboard I, cut a piece of shoebox lid as wide as the bed. I stuck a piece of quilt wadding to it. Then I cut a piece of pretty fabric big enough to cover both sides of the headboard when folded over the top, allowing a 1 cm seam allowance both sides. I turned it inside out, sewed down each side,turned it right side out, slipped it over the headboard and it was done. I glued it to one end of my bed and left it to dry overnight, with clothes pegs  holding it in place.

I glued 2.5 cm wide lace around it as a finishing touch- this covered up the raw edges of the bed material. The pillow is a piece of fabric 2 cm wider than the bed, folded and sewn in the same way as the headboard, filled with toy stuffing and sewn up along the bottom. The blanket is a piece of fleece.The great thing about fleece is that I don’t need to hem it!  I can use this method to make any sized doll bed, just vary my box size according to the size of the doll that’s tired! Toodle pip, Cathy

8/10/2013 Cloaks and glitter.

It’s been a busy day.

I finished making some warm autumn clothing for Sindy, Barbie and chums; can’t have the girls getting hypothermia in their summer dresses! 006Now they have long sleeved tops and lovely soft cord skirts and trousers.

Finally joined facebook to the hilarity of the offspring, now I can put up even more photos of the dolly things, hooray!

Lastly I have made glamorous princess dresses and cloaks for the upcoming Ball Season.

Toodle pip, Cathy.Cinderella goes to the ball

4/10/2013 More Doll’s house stuff!

Specifically, how I made windows.I found several ways of doing this.

1) Using a piece of card, I cut out frames. These could have been a plain rectangle with the middle cut out.Luckily I have a steady hand so I left a cross in the middle to give the illusion of panes of glass. I find the card that comes in clothes packets is good for this as it is shiny and white on one side- good for your window, but dull on the other- better for sticking.

2)I found a “view” for each window. I used pictures cut from a magazine; the Sunday supplements usually have some  idyllic  garden piece! My daughter  can draw her own pictures to go in later, which would be a nice personal touch.We might take a photo of the garden/ a park etc and print it out. Maybe set up a shot with her dolls in view so it looks like they are out in the garden!

3)I stuck the view onto the back of the card. Waited for it to dry. Now stuck it into the doll’s house. For a finishing touch I added simple curtains, either by sewing squares of material and drawing the thread tight at the top to make it look as though the curtains have been drawn, or buying wide lace trim (usually about 70p a metre) from a haberdashers and sticking it on.

An Easy  Footstool/Ottoman.

I always look at lids and containers before I consign them to the bin/ recycling because I might be able to make something out of them. Ditto Barbie chairsoutgrown children’s clothes which often have lovely prints. ( See above, I use this sort of fabric for curtains.) I made a footstool for our house out of an octagonal gold coffee jar lid. I drew around the lid , then added 1 cm to make a template. I cut out two pieces of material using my template. Putting the material right sides together, I pinned it and sewed around the edge, leaving a gap of about 3 cm. I turned it inside out, using the rounded end of a pencil to get the corners out. Next I stuffed it ( not too full) with toy stuffing. Then I sewed up the gap. Last of all, I simply stuck the cushion on my jar lid with my trusty sticky back velcro. Hooray; extra dolly seating- very useful with Christmas on the horizon

Cheerio, Cathy.

15/9/2013 How I made a doll’s house.

Hello! I said I would write about how I made a Barbie/ Sindy house,so here it is. I could have bought a ready made fashion doll house, but then I wouldn’t have had the fun of planning them with my child, or making them together. Also, they can be really expensive!

First, I needed a set of shelves with enough space to accomodate a standing doll, and her (potential) furniture. I got mine in a well known flat pack emporium for £20. It measured 79×79 cm and had  4 “rooms”, each measuring about 33 cm wide x 33 cm tall and 38 cm deep- perfect for our dolls. I chose the plain white ones as they made for nice bright interiors. It’s horrifying, I know, but one day my little one will outgrow dolls and then I will still have a useful set of shelves that I can simply empty of dolly furniture and reuse. There, I’ve said it, now let us never speak of it again.

Once I’d assembled the shelves ( hey, I didn’t say this was completely pain free) I needed some heavy duty card to make the back. I didn’t screw the shelves to the wall until this part is done, but, it goes without saying, I didn’tt leave the shelves where my little one could pull them onto themselves. I went to a stationers and bought a huge piece of mounting board for about £3.I put the card on the floor and lay the shelves on top of it. Drew around the shelves and inside the “rooms” so I cut the card to the right size around the outside and also knew where to put the wallpaper. Next I worked out where the safety wall anchors go and drew around them.I cut the card to fit the house and cut out the holes for the wall anchors.

Now I was ready for wallpaper. I used wrapping paper in small floral ditsy prints. Annie wanted different paper in each room but I could have just covered the card with one print.I cut out the safety anchor holes as they were covered in paper, and attached the whole thing to the back.

Now I had a house! Now I needed windows and homely touches like lamps and pictures.There were several ways to achieve this.

1) Cut pictures out of  magazines and catalogues.
2) I could have found free furniture images on the internet. Apparantly there are several great websites I could use and this way the pictures can be altered to the right scale.

3) Finally, we could have drawn our own windows, fireplace and shelves etc, for a more personal house. If we’d done this on white card rather than paper, the wallpaper wouldn’t have shown through the glue.

Lastly I anchored the shelves to my chosen wall. Hooray! We had a doll’s house!

We  keep adding pictures as we want to. It’s fun to take photos of our dolls, print out frames and stick them to the walls! Or do the same with pictures cut out of comics. We can be as creative as we want. It’s a great rainy day project.

Keep in touch, there will be more of my  ideas and projects soon, including furniture I have made.

Toodle pip, Cathy.



2/9/2013  by Cathy of Jolly Dolly shop

Hello.  I should be making a P.E. bag right now, as daughter no. 4 has her first day at  school on Thursday, but if I begin this blog I can pretend it’s not happening! We’ve had a fabulous summer,swimming,surfing, playing in the garden and generally lolling about the house.

I’m also very (possibly too) excited about the Princess cloaks I made which fit our Sindy, Barbie and the Disney princess dolls. I will try to put up pictures soon,but now I really must get on with this P.E. bag. Once the school term is underway I will be writing about how I made an inexpensive Barbie/ Sindy house.

Toodle pip, Cathy.




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